Year 1961 - SCA 11408


Legendary "Gino Secchi" Maserati 3500 GT - fully restored

  • Famous public relations car, well known in the Maserati World
  • 1st owner “Gino Secchi” he drove 680.000 km
  • 1967´fotographed together with race driver Guerino Bertocchi during a press event at Maserati factory
  • Known from several stories and “100 years of Maserati”
  • Complete history documented
  • Maserati Certificates (delivery note and technical data sheet)
  • Car still has Milan plates from 1st registration
  • Original Italian car documents of 1st owner Secchi with all owners documented
  • Complete history known
  • Frame off – restored by Scuderia Azzurra
  • Comes with a complete overhauled Maserati engine
  • Original matching color combination ‘grigio new market’
  • Interior matching pelle ‘marrone’
  • Comes with a full photodocumentation of the whole restoration process
  • New Owner will get the press photo of 1967