Scuderia Azzurra

Premium classic car restoration by experts

An original concourse restoration of classic 60s to early 70s Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo is extremely demanding. We have established a profound expertise in this field over the past years, that we would now like to share with interested clients. Besides our own classic cars, we have decided to offer our clients exclusive spots for the restoration of their own classic cars.

We remain true to our passion for Italian classics and will only be performing high-quality Scuderia Azzurra restorations to top condition. We also offer to repair accidental damage or to overhaul the engine of your vehicle.

We have been dealing intensively with classic cars for more than 30 years and are passionate collectors. In the past, unfortunately, we often had to experience ourselves that vehicle prices or delivery dates for restorations could not be met. Such incidents are not only extremely annoying, they also confront the client with unplanned expenses and delays. A few years ago, we thus decided to open our own workshop and restore our vehicles ourselves. Since your satisfaction is also important to us, we promise you the restoration of your Italian classic car at a guaranteed fixed price and on a fixed delivery date.

If you would like to have your classic car restored or overhauled, feel free to contact us.

The majority of our vehicles are restored to order for our customers, at their request and according to their ideas, with all the extras that the customer desires, both technically and in terms of colours and interior design. We work closely with MASERATI Classiche and FIAT.

The classic cars of Scuderia Azzurra get their new shine in our company’s own workshop. Here they receive a careful and detailed frame-off restoration by specialists with expertise in the restoration of Italian classic cars. Every single vehicle is carefully disassembled by hand down to the smallest detail, processed and repaired true to the original.

Find out more about our restoration process for individual vehicles by looking at the following examples.

Scuderia Azzurra

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