Time passes, style remains.

Classic Maserati, Alfa Romeo
& Lancia in top condition

Classic Maserati, Alfa Romeo & Lancia in top condition

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Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo – Scuderia Azzurra is the place for purchasing and restoring classic Italian cars in perfect condition. Each car is restored in detail by experienced specialists, who have the expertise and sense for Italian technique and originality. Interested buyers get the option to pick their classic choice even before the restoration process starts. This enables them to integrate their personal wishes into the restoration process.

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Year 1959 - SCA 11801

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Year 1965 - SCA 11610

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Year 1963 - SCA 11703

Our passion

Restoration in top condition
without compromises.

We, the partners of our Scuderia Azzurra, have all been enthusiastic classic car collectors from various countries for decades. And we all admire the cars of the fifties, sixties and seventies from the leading Italian car manufacturers and the legendary Italian car designers like Vignale, Frua, Bertone, Touring, Pininfarina or Zagato. It was this passion that brought us together and led to the setting up of Scuderia Azzurra.

At Scuderia Azzurra we relentlessly pursue authentic, original and perfect restorations. As this quest appeared to be equal to finding the needle in the haystack we decided to take the reigns into our own hands and started to build our own international restoration operations. At the beginning we did this exclusively for our own collections.

More recently we have decided to market some of our collectors’ cars and to open our restoration shops to enthusiasts who share our passion.

If you would like to purchase a car or are interested in having your classic car restored by us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Scuderia Azzurra

Scuderia Azzurra

A feeling
of life

The restoration

Our workshop

The classic cars of Scuderia Azzurra shine in new splendor, which they receive in the captive garage, located on the coast of Portugal, where specialists perform a detailed restoration. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have your classic car restored.

Get more information about the restoration process of each individual car.

The common dream of the perfect restoration

The founders of scuderia azzurra

Transcending national borders, their passion brought them together: The three founders of Scuderia Azzurra, Matthias Hinz, Lukas Mühlemann and Michael Maasmeier, devote themselves to the immaculate restoration and the devoted preparation of classic cars. They share their excitement for extravagant and first-class automobiles and have made this passion their life task. Each of the three vintage car enthusiasts has enjoyed a successful career in internationally renowned companies at the management level.
The passionate collector Matthias Hinz is the former head of Metro in Portugal. Just like his partners Lukas Mühlemann, the former Chief Executive of Swiss Re and Credit Suisse, and Michael Maasmeier, successful entrepreneur in the media industry, he seeks an authentic and devoted restoration down to the smallest detail. Together with his two co-founders, he realizes this at Scuderia Azzurra.