8 August 16

Scuderia Azzurra’s attendance at the Concours d’Elegance „Jewels in the Park“

Cologne/Jüchen, 8 August 16. The two classic cars Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS and the Maserati 3500 GTI Sebring by the Scuderia Azzurra – both in best condition – were nominated for the attendance at the Concours d’Elegance „Jewels in the Park“.

VThe so-called Classic Days at Dyck Castle in Jüchen took place from 5th to 7th August and were a complete success. Several fans of classic cars as well as special guests and racing legends met in order to share their passion for vintage cars in an exclusive and elegant ambience. The organiser was delighted about several tens of thousands guests who enjoyed the varied program and marvelled at fascinating cars.

The Concours d’Elegance „Jewels in the Park“ was definitely a highlight of the weekend. A jury consisting of experienced experts judged selected vehicles. The Scuderia Azzurra was present with two classic cars: the precisely restored Maserati 3500 Sebring of the 1st series (1963) and the Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS of the 3rd series (1957). These originals thrilled the jury and convinced them as they are very well restored automobiles. The Scuderia Azzurra received positive feedback from the jury as well as from the numerous visitors: „In such moments you realize that the detailed and uncompromising work for months is worth it“, says Michael Maasmeier, co-founder of the Scuderia Azzurra, happily.


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