1 July 2016

Classic Italian Cars in Top Condition

Scuderia Azzurra is an international partner for Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo restoration and service work performed in our fully equipped facilities.

Cologne, 1 July 2016. Passion and enthusiasm for exclusive classic cars, the joy of car design from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the quest for authenticity and perfect restoration – Scuderia Azzurra is the number one address for classic Italian cars in top condition.

The avant-garde creations by Italian designers such as Vignale, Frua, Giugiaro, Bertone, Pininfarina, Touring and Zagato and innovative technology of Italian car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati are among the most fascinating, automotive technology has produced to date. It is this passion for precisely these classics that brought together the current partners of Scuderia Azzurra and transcends national borders such as Zurich, Cologne, Nice and Lisbon yet also units them through their enthusiasm for premium classic cars. Impeccably restored cars that are rebuilt exclusively according to their original state has always been a personal concern of the partners. They are not only devoted to this passion in their private lives as collectors but also at Scuderia Azzurra.

High quality restoration
The innovative and international classic car specialist based in Cologne, Germany and Lisbon, Portugal provide exceptionally high standards when it comes to restored vehicles that are second to none. Each of the three founders, Matthias Hinz, Lukas Mühlemann and Michael Maasmeier has enjoyed successful careers in internationally renowned companies at the management level. This expertise combined with their 30 years of deep passion for classic cars lead to Scuderia Azzurra. “We have exceptionally high standards when it comes to the restoration of a classic car. In addition to bodywork, we also rebuild the engine, transmission and electrical systems completely new,” explains Matthias Hinz. The former head of Metro in Portugal is dedicated to restoration that is true to the car’s original state. Like his partners, he strives for authentic restoration and a love for attention down to the smallest detail, as classic cars are not just a hobby for the trio but also a deep passion. “Our expertise in uncompromising restoration work enables us to offer our restored cars on the international market with a clear conscience.” After long being an insider’s tip in the industry, the three partners’ dedication to collecting cars has now been officially expanded to include the international sale of classic cars.

The classic cars get their new shine in Alcabideche, Portugal on the Atlantic coast. They undergo detailed restoration and are then subsequently offered in top condition on the market. At the same time, interested buyers can select a car from the stock of Scuderia Azzurra and have their special requests incorporated into their personal vehicle.

Classic cars in concours condition
Highly skilled experts restore the stylish classics with technical know-how and a keen eye for all details involved in Italian design and Italian technology. Michael Maasmeier, an entrepreneur in the media industry, sums it up: “We base all the details on the original state and want to offer more than just classic car sales. That’s why we only sell cars in concours condition.“ This approach has already been confirmed by independent experts from Classic Data. All cars currently for sale have been awarded the top mark of 1. Lukas Mühlemann, the third passionate co-founder and collector of Scuderia Azzurra, was formerly a partner at McKinsey & Company for many years, where he later become Chief Executive of Swiss Re and Credit Suisse. He explains, “I’ve always dreamed of perfection and at Scuderia Azzurra we can live this dream: I’ve found two like-minded people in Matthias and Michael who also value first-rate restored cars. When it comes to the condition of our cars, we make no compromises.”

Classic cars that not only turn heads but are also in perfect technical condition – that is the mission of Scuderia Azzurra.


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